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Heavenly Father

I remember the day when i'm in high school especially when it comes from prayers because my school is a catholic school. our teacher gave us an activity to make our own prayer. there are four things to remember when doing a prayer. this is my prayer. Hope you like it :)
  1. A - doration (praise)2. C - ontrition (forgiveness)3. T - hanksgiving4. S - upplication (intention)

Heavenly Father
you are source of wisdom,source of life,
i praise you by giving us a chance to live
and protect your beautiful world you have given to us.
We ask for forgiveness for all the failures
and sin we have done.
We thank you for this another day
that every morning we don't forget
that you are the reason
that we live again in this beautiful world.
Help us to understand our lessons
given to us by our teachers.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

illegal drag racing

 I'am a member of bikers in our province, a group that I've met and make me happy, a different person that help me to trace the right track. when I'am in high school my mother bought me a motorcycle so that i will not commute when I'm going to our school. i was so addicted to motorcycle because you encounter different peoples and friends this is my hobby to customize my bike, to become fastest bike in our province. even though that i use my own allowance to buy a spare parts in my bike i didn't mind it because all i want is to customize my bike. when I'am in 2nd year high school I join in a group of bikers namely Jones Isabela Bikers Association(JIBA). before they will accept you as a member they will initiate you first like giving advice when you are riding a bike,etc. and finally i become a member of a bikers that i really like to join because i know that they are kind and good for me. we have a meeting every last sunday of the month to have a meeting when we are going because every year we went on different places like Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City, Cagayan Valley, Dinadjawan, and etc. but before i join in this group i know that they are joining different drag dracing in our province and i want to become part of it. by the way

Drag racing is a which involves two or more competitors who drive in a straight line for a specified distance (usually 400 meters). The driver that covers the most distance between the two bike or reaches the end first is the winner. Fundamental skills in drag racing are the ability to launch with ideal wheelspin and shifting as fast as possible to finish the race and get first to the finish line. I become a drag racer at my age 15 and i miss to drive my bike again and to race with others. my mother conscious with me because when i was already at home after school i will just change my cloth and leave the house again because i have a race and i have no time to study my lessons even though that we have an exams maybe i will review just for a while but my intention is on my bike. at my age now i can assemble my bike and repair what is the problem in my bike. i have already involve in a accident because I'm too nervous because it is my first time to involve in a illegal drag race.
i miss to see my bike again and to race .

this is my video that i have been accident

this the other video, I'm on the right


solid mensuration again..

i hate solid mensuration
because our professor didn't teach again
she just seat in front and discuss about our project
for almost one hour and twenty minutes
she ask what our leader think or unique concept about our project.
after it she will gave us an assignment
which she didn't discuss us about our lesson
so we disagree about it.
i already think what will happen to me on midterm examination
because i can't understand our lessons
because she is reading and reading what is written on our textbook.
even though i can't understand our lessons
my classmates help me to understand it.
it remarks to my mind that
"buti mga kaibigan ko natutulungan ako" :c

what a schedule !

i was so disappointed because our intrams was postpone and they didn't tell us about it. my classmates wait until six o'clock because they want to cheer us and support when we are playing inside the court. i and my classmate escape from our subject in solid mensuration because we will check our jersey if it already finish but when we are in underpass before we reached Mr.Slacks Tailor we have seen already that they our uniform is not finished already which i and my classmate disappoint again, because we tell to the one who entertain us that Sunday we will get our uniform so that we can washed it but she tell us that they are lack of materials so they cannot finished it on the day we tell to her but we replay to her that we have a deal where we can get our uniform so we decide to go back at our classroom because our solid mensuration has not finished and somebody tell us that our professor will check attendance so i run fast but my classmate tell to me that he will not come to me so when our professor started to check attendance he find my classmate and we i tell to our professor that he go to the comfort room but our professor ask us again that he didn't us permission to go out so she mark him absent. after it i went home to get my shoes, towel, and buy water. when i was in school i text my classmate that we will get our uniform and check if it is already finished we tell to the sailor that we will be default if we didn't get our uniform and when our uniform is already finished we run fast and go to the school but it has a bad news and our game is postpone, i feel so sad:(
 October 8 at FEU open court we played basketball to have a practice for our intrams on October 11. we decide to have a play but it is not working so we decide to play versus so that we all of us can play but some students of FEU main ask to have a 5 versus 5 and we accept it. we have a deal 20/person we play fair in first set because we know that we can beat them but the game is not fair because if they have the ball we shoot it and have a foul so that if the ball shoot its automatically scores if not the ball will back to them that's why we lose and accept why we lose and think what we are going to do in our game so that we can win and bring home the victory.

FILIPINO ? hmmmm ...

 my schedule for Filipino subject is every Tuesday and Friday it is 3-5 pm and i love my professor because in this subject we enjoin and we are very active because every recite correspond what are professor gave u a points.  she is very nice for me and beautiful professor i ever had in my college life:). 
this is the favorite line of our professor sir gali at our P.E subject because if he are discussing what are we going to do some of my classmates are playing their table tennis ball especially me :) . before starting to play we have to warm up which are front hand, back hand, and alternate and we record it what is the highest scores we do in 1 minute and it is very challenging after it we are excited to play table tennis even though that I'm not good in table tennis i apply what our professor teach us. i learn how to serve and receive a ball with front spin and back spin, i'm happy playing table tennis even though i lose because true sportsmanship accepting lose or win at least i play with my best and fair with my classmates. 

firts to make an assignment at MCDO !

 its my first to make an assignment at mcdo and i'm happy because ill be with my friends to do our homework. supposed to be we are not going to do our homework at mcdo instead we will do it at mini stop at espana but when we reached the mini stop there are no vacant tables and chairs because we will do our homework in Engineering lettering so we decide to go at mcdo. before we start to do our homework we order first and i order my favorite meals at mcdo which is french fries its taste so good and a giant coke float, i didn't start immediately because i want to eat my french fries. while eating i prepare my materials which ill be using in lettering our plate title is slanting lettering and i notice that there are so many people at mcdo and doing also their assignment. at last we finish our homework and we go home already because it is already eleven o'clock pm. :)

its my first time !

i want to join in a theater guild and i miss to perform and act again, this is actually happen when in 3rd year high school. i was with my friends and my schoolmates in the day of audition, finally the judges accept us but one of my classmates did not accept because during our live performance she is very nervous and she can't speak because of it but our judges is very kind and help her to get rid her nervous but she tell to us that she can't do it. happy because we can perform at manila and we are the representative of Luzon, sad also because my classmates won't perform and come with us. we did our best so that our performance is great we always practice everyday and the day come that we are leaving in our province. its my first time to perform at intramuros manila and I'm so happy because my family is proud to me. we achieve 4th placer at least we did our best. after we perform we go to SM Manila,Mall of Asia,fort Santiago to have some jamming with my friends especially our instructor. and we got home with happiness because we did our best. 

my course is ?

when i was in elementary i like to become a successful seaman someday because i want to follow the steps of my father which is a seaman right now at UNITES STATES OF AMERICA. but when i reach my last year in high school life i cannot decide what course i will choose. i want to become a seaman because they tell me that the income of a seaman is very high which i interested to choose because i want to help my family someday. but when i reached college i choose the course which i not like which is ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING. i'm not good in math but i'm trying to love it because when i was high school i love to solve problems but now i hate it and i don't know why. since i started and take this course i will finish it because i'm happy in this course because i have my classmates which make me happy and i want to become successful engineer someday so that my parents will become proud to me.