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what a schedule !

i was so disappointed because our intrams was postpone and they didn't tell us about it. my classmates wait until six o'clock because they want to cheer us and support when we are playing inside the court. i and my classmate escape from our subject in solid mensuration because we will check our jersey if it already finish but when we are in underpass before we reached Mr.Slacks Tailor we have seen already that they our uniform is not finished already which i and my classmate disappoint again, because we tell to the one who entertain us that Sunday we will get our uniform so that we can washed it but she tell us that they are lack of materials so they cannot finished it on the day we tell to her but we replay to her that we have a deal where we can get our uniform so we decide to go back at our classroom because our solid mensuration has not finished and somebody tell us that our professor will check attendance so i run fast but my classmate tell to me that he will not come to me so when our professor started to check attendance he find my classmate and we i tell to our professor that he go to the comfort room but our professor ask us again that he didn't us permission to go out so she mark him absent. after it i went home to get my shoes, towel, and buy water. when i was in school i text my classmate that we will get our uniform and check if it is already finished we tell to the sailor that we will be default if we didn't get our uniform and when our uniform is already finished we run fast and go to the school but it has a bad news and our game is postpone, i feel so sad:(


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Oct. 11th, 2010 02:31 pm (UTC)
ayos lang yan. :))
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