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illegal drag racing

 I'am a member of bikers in our province, a group that I've met and make me happy, a different person that help me to trace the right track. when I'am in high school my mother bought me a motorcycle so that i will not commute when I'm going to our school. i was so addicted to motorcycle because you encounter different peoples and friends this is my hobby to customize my bike, to become fastest bike in our province. even though that i use my own allowance to buy a spare parts in my bike i didn't mind it because all i want is to customize my bike. when I'am in 2nd year high school I join in a group of bikers namely Jones Isabela Bikers Association(JIBA). before they will accept you as a member they will initiate you first like giving advice when you are riding a bike,etc. and finally i become a member of a bikers that i really like to join because i know that they are kind and good for me. we have a meeting every last sunday of the month to have a meeting when we are going because every year we went on different places like Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City, Cagayan Valley, Dinadjawan, and etc. but before i join in this group i know that they are joining different drag dracing in our province and i want to become part of it. by the way

Drag racing is a which involves two or more competitors who drive in a straight line for a specified distance (usually 400 meters). The driver that covers the most distance between the two bike or reaches the end first is the winner. Fundamental skills in drag racing are the ability to launch with ideal wheelspin and shifting as fast as possible to finish the race and get first to the finish line. I become a drag racer at my age 15 and i miss to drive my bike again and to race with others. my mother conscious with me because when i was already at home after school i will just change my cloth and leave the house again because i have a race and i have no time to study my lessons even though that we have an exams maybe i will review just for a while but my intention is on my bike. at my age now i can assemble my bike and repair what is the problem in my bike. i have already involve in a accident because I'm too nervous because it is my first time to involve in a illegal drag race.
i miss to see my bike again and to race .

this is my video that i have been accident

this the other video, I'm on the right




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