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i like my shirt :)

i but my shirt at fayn artees which i wear in the finals game 1 of FEU vs ADMU. i like the shirt because at back of the t-shirt you can see the names of players plus their headcoah. i was happy to buy it even though it cost 300 pesos. but i'm sad also because my borther told me before leaving in our house "don't use that t-shirt because FEU will lose" i smile and replay to him that FEU will win because i'm their lucky. :(

first time in lettering

we have an engineering drawing at our 2nd sem in feu-east asia college. this subject requires many materials that we need to use in lettering and drawing. first i buy is t-square,technical pen,pencil,eraser,protractor,plates and trianles. but i need to buy also a compass and adaptor which is very expensive. i experience when we are started vertical lettering i feel nervous because my penmanship is not good and for me it is very hard but i enjoy. when i finish it i notice that i have many mistakes but i say to myself that i will do my best on the 2nd time.


i hate solid mensuration because !

i don't like my professor in Solid Mensuration because she is only reading our book and explain what is written in our textbook . after reading it she will gave us an exercise and let us answer it, after my classmates finish answering it she will not give another examples. i'm not good in math but what  the role of our teacher is to help the students to understand and analyze the lessons. how can i improve my skills in especially in math of our professor is not helping us.
i always watch the practice game of feu mens basketball team , and i believe that they can win and bring home the victory !
i was so disappointed about the game of FEU TAMARAWS vs ATENEO BLUE EAGLES, but i'm happy too because i watch the game with my classmates and friends and we help them in getting a ticket and to support our team. losing is a part of a game atleast they play with a sportmanship and fairness and they did they best to win. think positive there are always a 2nd chance , and i hope that they will win in game 2 . 



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